GitPod Projects - How is the status update supposed to work?

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When finishing a project that runs on GitPod, the freeCodeCamp website doesn’t recognize the project to be finished immediately. Sometimes it will update the status after a few minutes, sometimes the status is only updated a day later.

Is there a way to mark a project as completed, manually? The issue is especially annoying on certification projects, because the freeCodeCamp website doesn’t allow me to submit my solution files until it recognizes the project to be completed.

I work on the projects via a local VS Code and SSH connection. I complete all steps of the CodeRoad window until it tells me that I’ve successfully completed the project. Of course I keep logged in into freeCodeCamp all the time, as the textbox on each project page suggests.

After that I try different things to update the status on the freeCodeCamp website, like closing only VS Code, stopping and starting the GitPod workspace, navigating back and forth on the freeCodeCamp website, but I haven’t found a reliable way to check a project as completed.

Thank you for your help

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World Cup Database - Build a World Cup Database

I usually need to refresh the fCC page after successfully passing the tests and then I’m able to submit.

That really works. I’m a little bit embarassed, I didn’t find the solution by myself :sweat_smile:

Thank you anyway!

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