Give links meaning using link descriptive

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i don’t know why an error message keep on showing after i have written my code correctly

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click here for <a href="">information about batteries</a>

  <h1>Deep Thoughts with Master Camper Cat</h1>
  <h2>Defeating your Foe: the Red Dot is Ours!</h2>
  <p>Felines the world over have been waging war on the most persistent of foes. This red nemesis combines both cunning stealth and lightning speed. But chin up, fellow fighters, our time for victory may soon be here for <a href=""> information about batteries</a>
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Challenge: Give Links Meaning by Using Descriptive Link Text

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The failing message says “Your code should move the anchor
a tags from around the words Click here to wrap around the words information about batteries.

While what you’ve written is close you have a leading space causing the test to fail.

Also dont leave the href empty. Instead put a hashtage in the quote :wink:

@TheDEVELOPER, that’s not necessary for this lesson and will cause the test to fail

true, but its best to do so if your link doesnt link to anywhere

in most cases yes but it’s best to stay focused on the lesson and getting the lesson to pass

I don’t want to hijack the OP’s post so let’s not carry this any further please.

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