Give me some Portfolio feedback!

Hello all! I’ve gotten my personal portfolio to a point where I’m starting to like how it looks. I’m more of a backend developer, and love making games in Unity. Frontend isn’t my specialty, so with that in mind please let me know what you think and how you feel it could improve! Thanks!

Note: Portfolio needs some work for mobile proportions still, so give it a try but some devices may not look great compared to being on a computer screen.

Looks great. I think the nav-bar shouldn’t be transparent.

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  • Fix the mobile view:

    You said “Portfolio needs some work for mobile proportions still”, it might be better to finish your project before posting so we can comment on all aspects of it.

  • Use HTTPS:

  • I would either make the picture completely round or tone down the border-radius to 6-10px;

The design looks great! I like your style/color selection!

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Thanks! Definitely need to get it mobile ready, but it’s not my forte so I’ll need to mess around more with it. For example, the website loads really well on my fiance’s Android, but I’m noticing problems elsewhere as you pointed out.

I tried, really not sure how to get it set up. I’m forwarding my domain to a GitHub pages site with masking.

Thank you! I appreciate the feedback, I do like the transparent navbar but I can see it causing issues over text especially on smaller screens. I’ll have to think about how to approach that.

I appreciate all of the feedback, please let me know of anything else that comes to mind. I’ll update here whenever I make any major edits, however, aside from fixing the media queries I think I’ll start working on other projects as I’ve been working on finishing the Responsive Web Design Certification for quite some time now while schooling, working, and taking care of my family :slight_smile: