Give project feedback on my Tribute Page

Please Give Me Suggestions to improve it.

Im very sorry, been looking at your code to find items I would improve but I can’t find any.

The page looks really neat with a functional layout that works very well for the content. Great job!

Great Job. There is a typo on the Wikipedia Link. And try to make sure that your links stands out so people will be able to know that it is a link. Don’t make plain white. Other than that, everything is awesome. The layout and the design is great. Good Job and Keep it Up!

Your project is nicely done. You can add most content in it.
And there is no use of navigation bar is such a small site, cuz this is only one single webpage.

Add 2-4 more paragraphs onto your site, then It’ll look good. Also, you can add an image in the background behind the main heading ’ Bhagat Singh.’

Salute to Bhagat Singh,
you can check mine too, a simple one here

Your page looks good @venkateshpensalwar. Some things to revisit;