Give Sibling Elements a Unique Key Attribute bug?

It seems to be rendering just fine, I also tried

const renderFrameworks = (element) => <li key={element.toString()}> {element} </li>); 

keeps giving me :

Each list item element should contain text from frontEndFrameworks

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const frontEndFrameworks = [

function Frameworks() {
const renderFrameworks = (element) => <li key={element}> {element} </li>);

return (
    <h1>Popular Front End JavaScript Frameworks</h1>
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Challenge: Give Sibling Elements a Unique Key Attribute

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Your key is fine. The problem is the rendered output:

<li key={element}> {element} </li>

You’ve added a space on each side of the {element} which adds spaces there in the output which cause the output not to be correct.

When I remove those spaces, the code passes for me.

<:O , that makes sense , I didnt realize the output would be that specific, thank you ill be more careful next time.

Yeah, it’s a good idea to be conscious of that. You don’t want to be on the job and have the UI team reject your work because you are adding and missing spaces.

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