Give Sibling Elements a Unique Key Attribute - is this a bug?

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There is an error in my code but it passes anyway.
(Is it worth reporting as an issue?)

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const frontEndFrameworks = [

function Frameworks() {
  const renderFrameworks =,i) => {
    return <li key={i}>y</li>
  return (
      <h1>Popular Front End JavaScript Frameworks</h1>

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Yeah it looks like a bug.

It’s always worth reporting them to make exercises more resilient :slight_smile:

@JohnnyBizzel - Definitely, because after looking at the tests, it is only confirming that there are six li elements and that they all have keys. The test does not validate the inner text of the li elements, which is why it did not catch the “y” text in each element.

Ok, I have reported it on GitHub now. :+1:

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