Giving a "face" to my project

Hi all, I’m an absolute beginner when it comes to coding, I’ve just gone through basic javascript course for a second time and have also been working my way through the codecademy course.

I’ve done some small projects and I’d really love to give them a “face” so I can save them and keep them as a reference point for my progress.

Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction to some simple courses that allow you to turn your javascript code into a presentable website?

I think I should be looking at CSS or HTML?

Any help is appreciated, I’m sure I should call it front end instead of “face” but you get the idea hopefully.

By small projects do you mean javascript only projects? doing them in the editor’s console? without html and css? If you wanna be a front end developer, definitely make sure you ace the css/html first. You don’t need to know that much javascript for this, just a small bit on how to open a dropdown for example.
My advise on how to get better at html/css is just by building stuff. Find some small components that people have built, like a sidebar,dropdown,modal… Stuff that you will definitely use in the future, google prebuilt version of these things and try replicating it. I swear you will learn a lot. Once you are more comfortable you can dive deeper into Javascript.

That’s my advise, but what i learnt through my experience, is that you always end up paving your own path, no matter what anyone recommends, so just try to find a way that fits you best, best of luck!

Hey, thank you for responding!

Yes, these are very basic javascript projects that I’ve done such as “You’re age in dog years”, “black jack, hit or stay” and “golf code”.

I was doing web development i.e. html & css and really enjoying it. However I’m looking at a coding bootcamp and the recommended study material is javascript basics so i’ve been focusing on that.

I do want to go back to HTML & CSS as I found it more enjoyable but I really want to attend this “full stack track” course at the end of the month so I’m torn.