Giving Back to the community

Hey all,
I’ve been a avid reader and member of freeCodeCamp for a while now. Personally, I am a undergraduate student at Wofford College in SC, USA pursuing a B.S in computer science.

From studying for my classes/technical interviews and being a active member of free code camp, i’ve felt that there is a lack of free videos on discussing and implementing data structures and algorithms in Python. I’ve always had the mentality that if you need something and can’t find it, then make it. Here is my first video about stacks and how to implement them in Python. Let me know what you think and i’m planning on doing a video on queues next. The video is at Implementing a Stack in Python

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Welcome to the forum! Which certificates have you completed on the Free Code Camp curriculum?

Thanks for the warm welcome, I am in the process of completing the front end certificate!

A worm welcome to you @Nathan-Patnam