Giving back to the FCC community

A few weeks back I was reading a post on these forums about the best way to learn and remember all the tags and functions one needs. One of the suggestions was flash cards. I really liked that idea so I put together a program. Here’s the link: Flash Cards
It is not yet fully implemented but before I put too much more work into it, I would like to know if it’s something the community would be interested in. I can see this helping out a lot of people, and I have a lot of ideas of what I could do with this in the future as I work my way through the backend corse. But I don’t want to get too far into this if no one is going to use it. So any and all feedback would be appreciated.

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I’m definitely going to use it… my weakness is CSS… floats… margins… ect

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Hi Josh, Two tools exist today that does flashcards and the time spacing more or less in a way that you will be learning the knowledge in a long term and effective way. The one is SuperMemo but it is expensive and as far as I can remember does not have a mobile app. The other is Anki which is open source and also use the initial algorithm that Wozniak of SuperMemo worked out. It also allows you to set your own revision timeframes and create your own card decks. Otherwise there are many other services that do simply flash cards but with basically no science or research behind it. You can have a look here:

Thanks for the reply. I did do a little research before I started this project and I am aware that there are other programs out there. The problem I ran into was that most of what I found was either needlessly complex/ costly/ locked into their curriculum or very restrictive. So when I set out to make this, my goals were to make it very simple to use and let users add categories and cards at will. The idea being that I simply wanted a tool that allowed people( and myself ) to create cards on their own as they feel they are needed.