Giving up in code and sharing my github

So in past year I’ve created few projects and placed them in github. Unfortunately I believe that I’m not capabable to become one of your family members so I’m giving away my few coded projects. You can find them here:****

Newest: RPG-NODEJS is a actually working RPG game (just need to finish lobbies functionality). This was the second project that I was doing with NodeJS so I believe some new people can find some good code in there. It was made with and NodeJS.

You can create hero, buy items, upgrade skills, chat, make alliances, fight other users and a lot more.

Project with laravel called ArmyTag is and ecommerce website that I made for a classmate two years ago. It actually working ecommerce code so you can recode it for your own use. :slight_smile:

EDIT: found a webarchive working:

Social network was also hype project for me, most of the functions are working. You can add friends, watch profiles, comment them, post images, text posts on your wall, see what others sharing too, comment posts, like them etc.

Just doesn’t feel that I can make it anywhere with this knowledge. It seems from junior job advertisements too much requirements as for my level.

Wish everyone to reach their goal and became best developers! Cheers!

Are you sure about this? You already have a bunch of sought-after skills and actual projects under your belt. Seems like a waste to throw it away.

Is this the main reason? I hope not. Job postings are essentially wish-lists for hiring managers; you absolutely don’t need to meet all their lofty criteria to apply. Yes, they would all like a PhD with 10 years of experience for their entry-level job. They won’t get them, but they’ll try anyway. So, I wouldn’t let job postings get in your head. There’s a video I watched on the subject a while ago, maybe you’ll find it useful:

Just contact workplaces, show them your portfolio ask to meet up over a coffee etc.
Programmers in general is a work in very high demand, you will learn a lot from working.
These junior dev work ads are just wishful thinking, there is no junior dev who knows everything they want, specially if you come right after school.

I mean atleast you can get some interviews and maybe an internship that could lead to a fulltime job. If you have done these things like a RPG game using NodeJS and it’s quite technical stuff.

Ok, but have you actually tried applying anywhere? If not, you should do that before giving up.

Never give up! Unless you truly do not enjoy the work. If you love it, keep going. And like many have said, job requirements/postings are wish-lists. Often HR does not know what they want or need. Or they set the bar high and end up below it. It’s common skill negotiation practice.

Decided that I will finish my NodeJS + socket io RPG game and then have it in my portfolio like a really strong project