Giving up on FreeCodeCamp D3 course

This course is based on D3 version 3. Although I thought I could learn by d3 documentation. Oh God, This is the worst documentation I found on any libraries. I thought I could finish the courses with alternative libraries but FCC’s test is based on some rules that I should use D3.

Is there any way I can stop crying?

go forward, do the other certs. D3 is a pretty niche library, you can do without

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The d3.js documentation pretty much covers everything. One of the challenges of learning d3.js is there are not that many tutorials out there like react.js. Even the available ones are based on v3 yet a number of major updates have happened since v3. Besides it has a very steep learning curve. Don’t let it demotivate you just skip it. I doubt if it is really in demand like other JS libraries.

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