Glenda need feedback on Local Weather

Can you give me feedback on my weather machine at ?
The background changes to four images depending on the temperature so you might not see the same image if your weather changes drastically. I am in Northern California where is looks the same most of the time.
I am not sure how to get the text to line up still reviewing my HTML5 and CSS. All comments are welcome.

I coulld not get the Javascript to work in the Javascript folder so I included in within a script tag. Thanks.

I am not sure the background works right, because it is practically about to snow outside and I see this:

Your site is not getting the data either, I am getting these errors:

Also, it looks as if there are other problems with your code. Can you post us a link to view your code, so we can comment on it?

Thanks for the feedback. What is the temperature there because I live in California and the weather always looks the same. I did not test the extremes. Thanks.

Weather here is about 20°-30°

I will have to find more pictures and code to the extremes. Thanks.

Dude, 20°-30° is not extreme. That’s just a little chilly :snowman:

I updated the images. I will have to ask around for the bad call to you are getting. Thanks.