Glitch npm Timeout

The task is to add a dependency called “moment” and the version “2.14.0” to the packages.json file.

I am getting a ‘Timeout has occurred’ message in the test window. Am I making a mistake? It doesn’t seem like a very complex task and I’ve done this in actual npm terminals already.

I skipped ahead to the next challenge, which is simply to change the version of “moment” to “2.10.2”, but that also caused a Timeout.


Same thing happened to me. Finally I just cut and pasted the package.json in a json validator to see if I could get a better error message than the one the glitch logger was giving me.

For some reason it didn’t like formatting in the “engines” section. I think I just removed a “,” that I could have sworn was always there. Not sure. But at any rate. It started working fine right after that.

Sooo, first look at your glitch logs to see if gives you parse error info. Problem #1. If so and that 's not helpful enough to fix, try pasting it in a json valiator. I just typed “package.json validator” in my duckduck go browser and used the first thing .

Hope this helps

I had a comma on my last JSON entry in the section. I removed it and the timeout error disappeared.

Happy Coding! Dave