Glitch? Or mistype? Not sure - changing header sizes

Not sure, but my editor keeps telling me my code is off, even though I’m technically using what’s in the Help video and what’s from the Solution in Hints.

  h1 {
    font-size: 68px;
  h2 {
    font-size: 52px;
  h3 {
    font-size: 40px;
  h4 {
    font-size: 32px;
  h5 {
    font-size: 21px;
  h6 {
    font-size: 14px;

<h1>This is h1 text</h1>

<h2>This is h2 text</h2>

<h3>This is h3 text</h3>

<h4>This is h4 text</h4>

<h5>This is h5 text</h5>

<h6>This is h6 text</h6>
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Challenge: Set the font-size for Multiple Heading Elements

Link to the challenge:

I would double check that your browser zoom is 100% and you aren’t using any extensions that change your CSS.

Disabled Adblock and it proceeded me through the font-size for the header, but not the font-weight. Zoom is at 100%

Nvm, did not realize that font-weight omitted the px at the end. Thanks for your help!

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