Glitch - project/app "Not Found"

Hello. I’ve just started to use Glitch for the freeCodeCamp Node lessons. I clicked the link and copied the template files as told.

I can edit the files, but I’m getting ‘Not Found’, and so obviously freeCodeCamp can’t see it either.

The project is:


Can you pass the test? If it passes the lesson, don’t worry about that for now.

No, I couldn’t pass any test - fCC couldn’t find anything. But I’ve just set it up again, and this time I ‘remixed’ to get a copy of the template files . I can’t remember what I did yesterday, but this morning I’ve got a slightly different set of template files, and now it seems to be working and I’m passing the tests on fCC.

Ah. Ignore me. I got things mixed up, and I was trying to do the ‘Managing Packages’ lessons with the “Basic Node and Express” template. Oh dear.

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