Glitching and won't stop

I’m new on here and I have been learning html. and it’s great fun and I was doing really good until it started glitching, and really bad, I’ve tried opening and closing the windows resetting the code and restarting my system. Still glitching anyone else having this problem?

please explain your issue
what’s happening?

When I go to write the code it inputs other stuff like when I go to put #footer it will glitch and put multiple errors, such as the photo I just uploaded, and even when I deleted the errors and get it to put the code right, it wont run.

I had to create a new line completely, and erase the previous line. But man was that annoying, idk why it was happening, but I got it to run finally to pass that challenge.

Hello there,

This is an issue with completing the curriculum on mobile. There are work arounds as detailed in this article:

Hope this helps

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