Go hard on my tribute page

I didn’t look at the code for anybody else’s tribute although I had lots of problem with the design aspect. Please give me your harshest criticism. Thanks

well… I like it!

I mean… the fact that you chose Ray Lewis… not the purple color :slight_smile:
I use this website to choose my colors if you feel like looking into it… http://flatuicolors.com/

I am also building my tribute page now… not as easy as I thought…

Good luck :slight_smile:

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Thanks for that great link. Nice choice of colors to select. I’m doing my tribute page now too, so it seems we are in the same spot. Good luck and cheers!

Nice tribute page Cdginger! It resizes really well in my browser :slight_smile: You did an awesome job.

arielmetalyel, thanks for that link to the colors, I’ve bookmarked that :slight_smile: