"go to current challenge" rectangle button has disappeared

Now to go to my next challenge i have to open the list of challenges in JS section, the website doesn’t provide me with a shortcut to my current challenge anymore.
i reloaded the page many times, I get this with different quotes but no current challenge short cut:

Same. Also having trouble with the lesson screens (currently Javascript Intermediate Algorithm Scripting) not updating correctly. It gets locked up if any sort of error occurs, which is all the time because it runs code in real time.

Hello there,

That functionality has been purposefully removed. We may add it back, in the future. However, for now, we recommend intentionally keeping track of where you left off.

Hope this clarifies

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You may have issues there if you crate infinite loops. I suggest if you have issues with a challnge to use the Ask for Help button to open a topic on the forum

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