Goal: Get a Remote Job

So, I’ve been doing various programming (mainly PHP based) for a number of years as a hobby. I understand Python, but never really pursued it too much as I had no need to. And I’ve learned Java to an extent in order to be able to use an API to develop scripts to automate tasks for a game. And recently, I’ve become further intrigued in JavaScript programming for the front and back end services. I’ve worked with linux based servers for quite some time, and though I don’t know everything about them, I do have a pretty good understanding of them. The same goes to SQL and NoSQL databases.

I’m currently working my way through the FCC challenges (605/1409 complete in the past month), working through the MongoDB university courses (essentially 0 prior experience), and once both of those are complete, I’ll be following an extremely in-depth guide that is much more detailed than the React documentation. During the course of all of this, I’ll be working on my GitHub portfolio, re-creating my personal website, and topping it off by creating a workspace for the startup I work for to allow us to better manage our data.

I’m currently an AWS certified Cloud Practitioner and I am looking to obtain further certificates once I get through my coding programs. I also hold a B.S. in Power Engineering Technology with a minor in Business Management, and I’m looking to pursue a Cyber Security Master’s. However, I’m also in the process of applying to Modern Labor to be a part of that unique bootcamp to help me obtain a job in the IT world, specifically development.

I have a great ability to learn technology, software, and just about anything else (although design is my weak point), but I have had issues trying to find a job, specifically a remote job. My goal is to find a remote job such that I’m able to move back home and be with my family as I go a month at a time without seeing them, and working from home would allow that to happen. However, despite all the skills that I posses, I have had difficulties in this venture. And I’m hoping that with everything I’m doing, that it will finally change.

I have a great project in mind to build, and I’d love to be the lead for the project. But, no company wants to take the project on, and it’s far too much work to really do solo. However, since I haven’t found a company to want to build it, I’ll eventually move toward starting to create the software in order to attract attention to it.