Goal Setting for Frontend developer professional development

Half way through freeCodeCamp’s Frontend material. My Frontend goals include the Responsive Web Design, Javascript, Frontend Frameworks and the Data Visualization certifications only. I spent time thinking about what’s next, because I’m over half way done with my goal. I put together a Notion website that reflects on the good resources I’ve found and outlines learning goals to consider next.

Here is the Notion website I made with learning objective and learning resources:

I think this section on Frontend Software Engineering Learning Objectives is helpful in selecting next courses, books, and projects. I want my learning to be measurable, so I can see progress

No one asked me to do this, so I don’t know if this is contributing to the online community or just a waist of time and effort. It isn’t easy to read unless you know how to use notion. So, maybe a waist of my time. But if you like it, and it’s helpful let me know with a like.


This material is super helpful.

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Good. I felt silly for posting it. I’m glad its being used

this is really helpful

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