#Goals (Public Profile bubbles)

So as I draw closer and closer to completing the sections I decided for 2019 to take a different approach to filling in the little boxes that show up on our public profiles :joy: .

It’s silly and I know it is, but I find it entertaining and I actually look forward to coming onto Free Code Camp everyday to complete my pre-planned amount of lessons to make sure I build out my mountain scene properly (as you can see from the screenshot, 2018 was just all over the place). So that’s it, part of my goal(s) for 2019 on this platform involves making a pattern out of my public profile… sometimes I need something amusing to keep me motivated. Just wondering if there is anyone else out there that does this too?

Just as a heads-up, that widget is broken. The streak may not always be accurate. Also, the months are sideways. I’m glad it’s helping you stay motivated, I just didn’t want you to get upset when it goes wonky.

Eh, the site blanked out almost all of October on me and reset hundreds of lessons I had completed at the time, when I contacted them at the time, they said I must have signed in with a different social platform… which would be hard for me since I don’t have facebook or google, but oh well. I was frustrated at the time, but got over it. I never used to sign out back then, and all that happened right after I had, so I figured that was on me.
Since then I tend to sign out and sign back in daily just to double check that it is recording properly and haven’t had a problem since (4 months so far).

And for those that may want to map out the months with a pattern, it just takes a little planning and once you know that month/days move down vertically, it’s not all that hard to figure out.