Going to Use Codepen for the First Time

Hey, guys! I’ve finished the Responsive Web Design tasks, and now going to get started on the Tribute Page.

However, I have a question. Do I need to sign up for CodePen to create that project?

CodePen is popular with FCC projects, but it’s not required. Many people use github pages instead, others use codesandbox.io. Anywhere you can host a static website will do for the front-end projects.

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Thank you for your answer! :slight_smile:

I’m not gonna lie, I’m quite nervous making my FCC project. Got any advice?

My advice is to jump right in with the simplest thing that puts something on the screen. It’s a big motivator to just have something to work with. Then just keep refining it as you go. If you can’t think of any text or images, just use Lorem Ipsum text and placeholder images (unsplash.com and lorempixel.com are decent choices).

Once again, thank you for your answer!