GoLang: What are your thoughts?

Is GoLang a valuable language to learn today? I don’t hear much about GoLang.

It’s one of the most in-demand programming languages; it works well, it’s not complicated, it has lots of learning resources, it has an excellent standard library. It has a very fast compiler, which is great. It seems a solid choice where you would write a service in C/C++/Java/Python/whatever :woman_shrugging:. It’s used where I work but I haven’t started learning it yet, so can’t really give you specifics, but everybody I’ve talked to who used it seems to have had a pretty good experience.


That is good to hear because I do not see very many people discussing it. I am diving into GoLang right now.

Search on Quora. There is a lot of questions about this. If you looking for a job, learn PHP and Javascript. Otherwise go for Golang.

I am already familiar with javascript and php at its core. I just have not really been able to pick up any js or php frameworks yet.

It’s very widely used (especially for a new language), heavily used for tooling around cloud services. It’s simple for simple stuff, generally fast, generally performant. Here’s (afaics) a fairly good breakdown from last year, the comments on it from Go programmers seem to bear out the analysis

Umm, if you’re looking for a JS or a PHP job, then yes. But a widely used language kinda implies there are jobs, otherwise it wouldn’t be a widely used language, and Go is definitely a widely used language. The jobs available are different (very often server programming/devops-related). If you want a job as a front-end developer, then you need to know JS, if you want to work on older CRUD systems or in an agency running off a CMS then PHP is common, etc etc


The Redmonk study shows that GoLang is the 15th most used language:


So unless you have a particular reason to learn it, (in which case, you wouldn’t be asking) you are better off sticking with something more mainstream.


You can look at this in short term or long term…

Yes, it only has about 1-2% of the market. If someone knows Go, and are able to move (which is I guess critical, though remote jobs seem a lot.more common), it is likely to be easier to get a job (and average renumeration is likely to be significantly more) than with an equivalent JS/PHP position for lower-level roles. This absolutely applies to the other languages around Go on that list (VB, Swift, R, Obj-C, Kotlin). They are widely used, but not enough that the market for jobseekers is in any way saturated. You’re talking about UK market here; similar basically applies to Scala (and probably Clojure as well), given its heavy usage in UK Government digital infrastructure and the fact that they are JVM languages. Similar reasoning, but for CLR, would give an F# programmer an advantage as well

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Well, we should remember why Google created it. - For bottleneck parts of projects.
And I think it is good for this purpose.
I found such opinion what projects should use it.

Hi , i am learning Golang too . Is good language for Web Development in comparison to Python or Javascript ? Thank you in advance :sunglasses:

It’s fine. For what I assume you want, not the primary reason for Go existing, but you can definitely build all necessary server side web stuff in Go relatively easily (not saying this is the best idea, but it’s definitely not the worst idea either). Not the wealth of libraries that either of those languages have, it’s not close to as mature. Likely to be a bit painful, but it has a good standard library to build upon. You’ll still likely need to know JS for the front end though, can’t get away from that I’m afraid.

I guess it’s a good programming language if you want to work across large-scale network servers and big distributed systems.

Go strikes me as a towering monument to mediocrity, but it’s not likely to go away anytime soon. If you want a language that actually has innovations past the 80’s, I suggest Kotlin or Swift. Nothing keeps you from learning all of them though.

I was learning Html5 , Css3 and a little of Javascript , my thinking is the Web Development , i am reading about Javascript ( NodeJs ) and Python ( Django ) , because of that i asked about the best language , thank you for the information :sunglasses:

Thank you for you support my friend :nerd_face:

I know the negative point about Golang for Web Development , the good point is that is good for Backend though , thank you my friend :nerd_face:

Yeah, it’s super boring (do something. Did it fail to work? Return an error string. Do something else. Did it fail to work? Return an error string. Do something else. Did if fail to work? Etc etc ad infinitum). But its incredibly easy to learn and it works really well

Why don’t you try to learn either React or Angular, there are plenty of jobs if you can demonstrate you know those frameworks.

I think it will be hard to avoid Javascript when you develop for the web. Go is used instead of PHP or Python. I have played with Go, but not in real production yet. Frontend is still JS, CSS and HTML, but Apache/nginx and PHP is replaced by Golang connecting to a Postgresql database: