Golf code callenge

I have an observation about the testing for this challenge. There is an output on this section that strikes me as wrong. For this challenge if the parameters are (par, strokes) and input is function(1,1) the output should be ‘Par’ not ‘Hole-in-one’ I understanding the testing purpose of this but it doesn’t logically make sense. ‘Par’ is the total # of strokes to equal zero. so by having a ‘par’ of 1 and a ‘strokes’ of 1 the output should equal ‘par’ not 'Hole-in-one.

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I can see this perspective, however - the USGA establishes regulations for determining par values, and it appears the lowest par value is 3. From what I can tell with some research, the reason for this is par calculations assume 2 putts on the green to reach the hole.

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