Good laptop for coding

i just have a research for a good laptop for programming and coding and with my money i reached to
inspiron 15-570 model B from brand DEL
cc199nia-15 from brand HP

what is your opinion?
i must choose tomorrow for reasons
thanks for replying

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if it helps, IBM issued Lenovo W5+ model laptops for many years to their software developers. (now they just issue Macs because all development happens on mobile and cloud for most of their new products).

I use a surface book. Before that a Surface Pro 2, before that a an HP tablet PC, before that a Dell XPS (caveat I was doing 3D texture design at the time so I needed more graphics power than I do now)

At work it’s either been a Dell or a Mac. Though I’d much rather have a tablet PC, I’ll take the windows machine every time. I can shell Linux just fine thank you, and Mac are too expensive for the hardware, the same hardware you find in a Windows PC.

I do a lot of editing and graphic design so a tablet is a must. I currently use a Dell for work.

I worked at IBM for awhile, and that makes me laugh. Big high end computers but food piled on the floor. Hated that place.


I had some trouble looking up the Dell laptop you mentioned. The HP definitely has the hardware for about anything you want to do in terms of programming/development outside of very graphics intensive stuff like 3D modeling. I’m assuming the similar priced Dell is just as well equipped. I currently use a Dell Inspiron 7000 series for full time Web Development work and it holds up real well. It does choke on Photoshop a little bit, but that’s still very usable once it fully loads. Because my (recent) experience is limited to Dell pretty much, I’d have to recommend that, but would be curious to check the specs if you could post a link.

Hope that helps! :pineapple:

thank you for your help

thank you for your help . i try to choose wisely

big thanks about sharing your experience , i’m gonna choose dell in this case

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I use a Dell Latitude E5410 for my daily routine and as ancient it may be it’s serving me flawlessly.

So my suggestion is a more resent version of the Dell Latitude series.



Recently purchased the Dell Precision 7730 referred from this 5 round up of good PCs for developers, check it out at