Good loocking drum machine project :v

hello everybody ,
we have here a simple (well not quite lol) drum machine made with react, redux, reselect, immutable, react-spring and a touch of uuid :laughing: .

the user can record, play, loop and add delays to tracks made with sound samples . those sound samples can be played on click or by keybinding pads to certain keyboard buttons .

enjoy :grinning:

the github repo

Wow, looks like you put a lot of work and time into this. Really nice.

It would be cool if I could just use the test sound bindings and start recording right away.

It would be cool if I could play a track and record at the same time so I can play along with other track.

But you’ve done enough work on this project I think. Good job!

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thank you so much for the feedback , you have no idea how much a good feedback
means to me :smiley:

not gonna lie , i was planning to do that , among other things , but the more i plan to add new features the more the app gets complicated and time consuming, and exams happen to be close so i gotta start preparing for them .

but overall i learned so much during this project , like why is immutability important in react, some new css tricks and vendor prefixes … so i’m pretty happy with the result .

Yeah, I’m sure this project really boosted your overall front-end skills I can tell.

You do so much work and then people only check it out for a few minutes and there’s less and less feedback because as complexity increases and the deeper you get into the curriculum there are just less people at that stage to appreciate it.

It’s kind of an empty, lost, or in limbo feeling when you finish a project isn’t it? I love being right in the middle of it.

Good luck with your exams and looking forward to seeing your next projects.

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well if that’s the case , then that should be pushing me to do more and more, since i have been able to continue while other people have quit LUL , that’s a way of loocking at things .
i guess it’s itme to move on to the next one now . thank you for your appreciation see you on the next project .