Good project based sites to learn JavaScript and different languages in general

I did the new responsive web design track on freecodecamp and I really liked it. It was easy to follow along and the whole project based learning really helped me understand concepts. However, I was hoping that they revamped their JavaScript curriculum, but they haven’t and I’m struggling. I don’t do well with the whole “we give you a wall of text to read about a concept you’ve never seen before and expect you to throw something up with little to no examples” thing.

Are there any good and reputable sites out there that help you learn JavaScript but in a more practical setting?

There are also videos on freeCodeCamp Youtube channel. I think the JavaScript Data Structures and Algorithms take too long. But they cover all of JavaScript unlike other courses which may jump straight into web development. Without proper understanding of JS. Overall I think it pays off although it takes considerably more time than HTML/CSS course.

Same thing Happened with me. You can try scrimba as it is interactive and more practical , here is its Javascript free course: - . You should come back later to FCC challenges after learning from scrimba because FCC challenges are also good for learning as they are specifically dedicated towards algorithm scripting and data structures . Hope it Helps.

Yeah, this is pretty complete, has been going for years and it’s kept up to date:

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