Good reources to learn c#,unity and VR

I’m looking into a deeper dive with rendering in browser and vr in general.

Does anyone have any good resources to learn c# with unity?

Also looking at going into VR with react360 or if there is an equivalent is with vue.

What kind of budget do you have?

From Unity’s website, they partnered with Pluralsight to create the course. It is $15 a month, I would suggest that for learning unity.

For c# specifically, I would seek out developers on Youtube. But you also have other paid options, is a good overall resource for learning.

a budget of next to zero

Well I think Youtube will be your best option. I do not know of anyone specific, or you can check for a humble bundle that has unity or c#/vr in it.

hilariously i missed a humble bundle on vr by 30 seconds