Good ways to make use of back end programming?

hello everyone. found myself into fcc because i am looking to learn full stack for the power/capability of knowing both back end and front end.

granted, i am still a noob in both, but my passions lie in back end programming, but i came to learn front because i struggled to find useful uses for only knowing back end. any recommendations for someone looking for more real world applications for back end experience? thanks in advance.

Anything database related… CRUD. Create Read Update Delete data/records.
Export records from a database into a CSV file (or other format) and provide to the user as a file download.
or accept CSV text file uploads from user, and import into an existing database.
or perform image manipulation… user uploads a file, and then serve that image file back to the user into reduced/whatever size the user requested… example.jpg?w=800&h=600, or example.jpg?w=1200
geolocation, based on user’s location/address, display nearest POI (points of interest) from a database within an X mile radius or distance.
Update records from one database with latest/newest records from another database source
caching – instead of re-reading records from the database, serve a cached version of the page… update cache when it becomes stale or new/updated records become available
Generate RSS/XML output response/feeds that an Amazon Alexa Skill can use