Good websites for free public domain photos?

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I am wondering if anyone has some good websites that have free public domain photos that can be used on my portfolio page?


Hi @dthiberville is a pretty good resource, completely 100% free.


Unsplash has hi-res photos for free.

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Thanks for the quick replies. :slight_smile:

Here’s a good rundown of a number of great free/public domain sites with a brief overview

The Best FREE Stock Photo Sites On The Web And How To Use Them

You can use Google under Images -> Tools -> Usage rights

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Pretty awesome stuff from the MET, just announced yesterday a bunch of images just made public domain:

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You can search photos with specific CC licenses. In my opinion it is best to search for CC BY, i.e. you can edit/modify and use it but you have to mention the photographer (footnote below the picture). You can also try to find good CC0 license (CC BY without mentioning the photographer) but it’s less troublesome to shot your own photos with a smartphone.

If you want to create commercial websites with media content you will usually end up buying licenses anyway. Photos and video licenses are super cheap, i.e. from a few cents to hundred bucks at stock pages (shutterstock, videoblocks, etc.). It is just not worth it to copy the wrong picture and get a 5 figure bill from the photographer who found you via reverse image search.
Be a Pro. Use CC BY and mention the author properly to show that you are aware about licenses.

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Besides Unsplash, I also use:

All Free

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