Google like calendar that exports excel spreadsheets of data

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has any insight on this project I’m working on… I’ve googled and looked around reddit, but nothing seems to have what I’m looking for. Maybe you guys might some insight!

I’m trying to develop a calendar. It will be like google calendar in that it will be hosted on the web, users will be able to schedule events with data, time, title, and the ability to invite others. However, I would also like to be able to add more categories - such as number of attendees, for example. Then, I would like to be able to create a way for this information to be exported into excel. Has anyone ever done anything like this or have any suggestions as to how to go about doing it? I’m not looking for a paid site. I want to do it myself in order to a) learn and b) help my organization.

Thanks in advance!

Just off the top of my head, there are a lot of different skills involved there. Have you done the FCC certificates? The frontend (to create what the people see and how they interact) and backend (to manage the data) sections would give you most of the basic skills you would need. The React section of Data Viz section would be helpful too, but you could do what you want without it.

Thank you. Yes, I am working through FCC. I am going through the JavaScript portion of the front end right now. I would like to begin working on this now, though, or have more of a concrete idea of what to do, which will inspire me to keep going. The JS is a bit tedious at times :smile:

For importing into Excel (or other spreadsheet programs), you probably want to create a CSV (comma separated values) file.

Yes, learning JS can be tedious. But it is very useful and will be the basis of the backend portion of FCC. There other languages for the backend but the advantage of Node (which FCC teaches) is that it is javascript so you don’t have to learn a new language.

Javascript certainly has some oddities, but their utility will become more apparent as you go. And all those algorithm problems can be a slog, but they hone your javascript understanding and your ability to see and implement algorithms which will come in handy later. Just push through and know that this will be useful later. And don’t forget to ask the forum if something is just too hard to wrap your head around. There is no difficulty you can encounter that many of us haven’t also had. If this were easy, it would pay minimum wage.

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Thank you for the encouragement. If you have any other websites or articles about this specific topic, I would love it. Have a great night!

I did something like this for my last job, I think you need more experience but here is what I used in basic words:

  • Front end: Angular 4 (same as 2 and 5).
  • Auth helper: passportjs.
  • Back end: NodeJs.
  • Real time connection (so people will see changes on live):
  • Database: MongoDB (mongoose to connect the DB with NodeJs)
  • Export to csv: npm package json-2-csv.
  • bonus: I used pdfkit to also export stats in pdf format, is a good library to work with pdf but is simple, there are betters.

There is a lot to do and learn before you have done what you want but it will be a really good project to learn lot of stuff.

Start doing the basic stuff in HTML/CSS while you are learning the other stuff and then go step by step from one side of the stack to the other. But remember that is not easy but is not that hard either.

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Thank you so much! This is exactly what I was looking for! Now I know which programs to dive into! I’m already looking at Angular 4 tutorials!