Google works well

When I stuck I’m going to ask at Google and often time the solution is ready.
Do you think is an acceptable way to finish the algorithms?
If I copy and I understand the solution it still correct?
thank you

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The point of the algorithm challenges is not to be correct, it’s to think. I believe that the only official answer to this is, “Do your own work”. If you need help to progress, and you truly understand what you’re reading, then as far as I’m concerned, you’ve done fine. That said, there are some important considerations. How long do you let yourself struggle for? If you give it a week, that’s good. If you only give yourself 5 minutes, that’s bad. Also, how many answers have you gotten from Google? If it’s just a few, that’s a sign that you’re doing this right. If you have looked up most, or even half of them, then I would say you need to commit yourself more to figuring this stuff out on your own.


Right now I spent 3 days by algorithms and he takes a lot of energy, it’s frustrated because Google knows everything with the right question.
And that’s make me lazy.

Thanks, I’m using already Tern with Vim I have the documentation.
I’ll take a look anyway.
I think I just got discouraged, for the consuming time and I feeling don’t learn much too.
You gave some motivation through this post :slight_smile:

Daaaang, that is seriously deep. I’m always so focused on the mortality of my ever decaying meat-cage that I forget how much my mind improves with time.