Goonies Tribute Page

This is my first attempt at html/css/bootstrap. I’ve tinkered with wordpress themes but never in regard to custom CSS.

Judging by the amount of div’s at the end of my code I’m guessing that it’s probably not very efficient. Having worked on this I can see the value of writing efficient code and using notes directly in the code.

Would appreciate any feedback you may have…especially interested in the bad!

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Looks good! You have a great design

Thank you. I’m not wild about the media rules I’ve created. Not sure it scales well on mobile devices.

your page looks amazing!

The only thing I can think of that would improve it would change the color of the “Click here for more facts via Wikipedia” at the bottom of the page. Maybe It’s just the version of browser I’m using (firefox 46.0.1).

Any way great job.

Love it! Why didn’t I think of the goonies!!! The dvd is sat on my tv cabinet :grimacing:

Can’t go wrong with The Goonies. Classic.