Gordon Ramsay Tribute Page, feedback welcome :)

Hey, I’ve just finished my first project, the Gordon ramsay tribute page. Feedback is super welcome, it’s my first page / project :slight_smile:



I was trying to think of something Ramsay would say, but I’m not that clever. I would add indentation and/or padding to the paragraphs.

Oh my, how did I miss that -.- Thanks, gotta fix that :slight_smile:

The hover effect on links is neat! <3


If you’re interested in it, you can find it at css-tricks :slight_smile:

Very classy. I like that you did a write up instead of a list. Makes it seem more “tributey”, and yes, I know that’s not an actual word. You forgot to mention that Ramsay has been plagued throughout his career by chronic Tourette’s syndrome. My mum’s a huge fan of his cooking, but won’t watch his show because she says he’s “a dreadful potty mouth.”

“A dreadful potty mouth” hits the mark quite well :slight_smile: Introduce her to some series on youtube, where he cooks with his family like “Home cookin” or somethin like that. He’s super sweet, a complete contrast to how he looks in Hell’s kitchen and other.

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I agree with you about the YouTube videos. I actually watch them for ideas on dinner. In reference to your tribute page, I love the flow of color from the image to the wording. This is classic, simple, but mostly elegant page that provides contrast to his colorful shows on prime-time tv.