Got a degree, got good internship references. Still can't find a job. What's the next step?

So I got a formal degree. I did 20 weeks of interning, with a good reference. Problem is that the code I wrote during the internship is under an NDA.
I also got told that I need to prove that I can write production level code, but how do I do that without getting a job? How do I know what production ready code looks like?
But every single company out there demands at least 3 years of experience. What would you say is the next step? Is there a way to get in touch with organizations that need volounteers to get some experience?

What about open source?

If you want to volunteer then you can volunteer to contribute to open source projects

spend an hour researching what production ready code looks like, and then implement some of it in a project. Then feature that code in your resume(maybe a link) or portfolio somehow. Maybe a screenshot of a code block you are particularly proud of, or a quick video of your file structure in your IDE with some very simple narration. Thats what i plan to do, soon.

Im still learning, but to me, Production ready is:
-Free of console.log() and other development error catching
-incorporates production level error handling practices
-Approptiately documented with commments

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