Got a job after exactly one year after starting FCC

The title is pretty much self-explanatory. Felling really pumped about it. Starting in a week as a Fronted-dev.
I wanted to share it here since this is the place where I started to learn to code.
If there are any people interested I can make a more extensive topic, of what I learned, how I did it, what mistakes I made, and what would I do differently. Best of luck to all of you :smile: .


That’s cool! Hope you get better everyday and do better!

Hi @zgodni !


A friendly tip is to make sure to communicate a lot with your team and ask questions.
Also, try to get to know your coworkers and pair program with them.
You can learn a lot from more advanced developers and level up your skills faster :slight_smile:
Good luck with the new job!

Congratulations and all the best for your new job!

You did it…

how many hours did you spend studying?