Got a job as fullstack developer

Hey everyone. Just want to share the news in those COVID-19 times. Recently I got an offer from the company and was happy to finally gaining commercial experience.

My journey in tech (journey, not love) started in 2018 when I tried to build a few games with Unity and C#, taking C# courses since then from time to time. But from autumn 2019 I was doing FCC, gaining projects and in earlier dates of March I’ve started to apply on jobs.

Got rejections, got invitations to do the tests. Did some, suffer ahah :slight_smile: Learn new things. Some companies stopped the hiring process due to the crisis. But one didn’t and I was offered to take an interview with tech-lead, then with team-lead. From the questions with tech lead, I understood how little I know: the theory in JS is so deep and I felt so stupid damn :slight_smile: One-thread or multi-threaded, how call-stack works, some basic questions that I’ve already forgot (like types of data) and etc. However I provided not bad or even good answers in React and in execution. I did the test they gave me. Not without mistakes or bugs, but the job was done.

Writing this post as I myself read lot of stories here and there and it’s my selfish dream to share my success :slight_smile: At one moment I wanted to write a post for help, cause didn’t want to become jobless in the crisis, but decided to wait. Decided that asking for help will be my last approach when I will try really everything.

Happy, that now my thread has a different title.

I am really grateful for many people that helped me when I wrote a topic about career advice in late February. Got valuable feedback, fixed the issues, got some inspiration and mental support - it is really helpful and important, so thank you very much! :slight_smile:

So to every person, who is looking right now for a job - stay strong and good luck! :slight_smile:


Congrats to you my Man , your hard paid off

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Thank you very much! :slight_smile: