Got a job as well

Hey Fellow Campers,

Coming back from my first day as dev in a startup. It’s been awesome so far. I will keep you guys posted after first week, month etc… and i will add some details on my pre-job journey.

So keep hustling, FCC is definitely a gateway to better things!

10days in :

  • onboarding project the first week to get me used to their tech environment; nothing too hard. Though typescript is sometimes a bitch.
  • Second week: i get assigned my first tasks, everything in typescript. I had a litteral brain freeze when i saw the architecture of the project. But a few hours in, i made sense of most things and now i m doing my best to ship the features cleanly and in time.
  • there were some definites “WTF is this?” moments… and in those i had to learn new techs on the fly but i put aside my emotions and kept going with a cool head.
  • it’s intense, time flies… next point in a few weeks.

1month in:

  • 1st project is over. Became a lot better at Typescript, SQL, migrations, queries, back-end architecturing, front-end architecturing and other things.
  • next project will have me learn Angular from scratch and a lot of other tools too. Will be great.
  • so far people have been great and patient; and thus i have been learning a lot.
  • the job definitely entails that you love learning, all the time because there is no resting on your laurels.
  • will be learning PHP as well/
  • i don’t have a lot of time so ill try to make this more exhaustive in the coming week.

And thanks to Quincy and all the campers. You guys do a terrific job.



Congratulations, Oristar! Looking forward to more details about your new job! Have fun, and good luck with the intense learning process of the first few months as a professional developer!

Thanks a lot! I posted the first update about my experience.

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Looking forward to the update. What tech stack are you using, and which part of it was new to you that you “learned on the fly?”

mostly fullstack JS with typescript everywhere and SQL in the back. I had to learn most of the tools used for forms, api calls, and i had only very little practice with typescript so i had to re-learn most of it on the fly. same for postgresql. i had used it before but their use of it is so much deeper than what i did. Now it’s all better though. I have fun with it.

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