Got a job! Drupal?

First let me thank the great work done here by those who work on fcc without you we wouldn’t have such a great resource available to us for free. I appreciate you very much! Also thank you to the community for being so professional and help picking me up when I failed. I appreciate you all so much! I finished my first interview for a Jr development position with a great young startup yesterday and because of fcc I had the confidence to walk in and convince them to give me an opportunity that’s going to change my life. For those curious I started working hard on becoming a developer two months ago. Only have finished the front end section and applied to one position. The job was posted on Craigslist so I was nervous that the company wouldn’t be an ideal fit for me. I was totally wrong! Great culture! Great retention! Great owner! Now they are a drupal shop and that leads to some questions. The only thing I wanted to question the fcc community is what the heck is drupal and is building the skillset of learning to use it going to be a big benifit for my career for the years to come or is this company using outdated tech?


Congrats man! Best of luck to you. I’ll let some of the more experienced and knowledgeable members answer your question about drupal. I did want to ask you though.

  1. Can you please give a brief overview of the interview process, what they asked, and how you were obviously able to impress them?

  2. Aside from the projects here, did you have anything else on your portfolio?

Thanks a lot

Congratulations :+1:

Congrats Camper. :slight_smile: Soooo happy to see these posts.

@Mozar10 The interviewing process was initiated with a phone screen with HR. Where no technical questions were asked but character discovery and story telling were the focal point. An example question would be describe to me a time when you failed and what did you do about it. There was great connection during that interview which led to the in house technical interview. I showed them my portfolio. Which helped me give a base line of my ability. [only fcc front end] but was asked to peer code with a senior developer for a hour to find my limitations. Which was pretty exciting, but nerve racking considering I’ve only solo coded before. After which though I was sent home to wait for a response via email. I nearly cried when I received the offer. Never been so grateful in my life.


@Zhill691 thanks a lot for sharing and best of luck with the new job !

Just curious about what region of the world you live in?

Northern Midwest USA