Got a job: From learning to teaching coding! Thanks FCC (resources in links)

Not a developer job (pls let me know if this topic doesnt belong here!)

Got a job to teach school kids coding! I see teaching as part of the learning process, and a way to give back to coding community :slight_smile:

A big thanks to FCC and the contributors here! Will be continuing with the curriculum and looking forward to completing it :grin:

Wrote an article to share my story and resources here


Congratulations Ethan!

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Well done Ethan - Once I have both front and back end certs I want to teach it programming to others :slight_smile: Well done again!

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Fantastic. What a great start to the new year. Congratulations again.

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Thank you! High five! :smiley:

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Fantastic and Congratulations!
This โ€œkids coding teachingโ€ will have a great benefit in our future, and it is another code-related job which will booommmm soon!

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Thank you! Yes I agree :smiley: