Got a job ... or maybe not

Finally got a job offer, a big trucking company in Arkansas, as a mobile developer.

It’s a rush thing (three weeks away), so they made an offer and I put in my notice at work and started dismantling my life.

Then, they call me about a drug test. Now, I have nothing against drug tests per se, but I live in CA and have enjoyed the cannabis since it was legalized. I vaped on and of until about three weeks ago. But they do a hair test so that goes back 3 months. They say that have zero tolerance.

Now, I have no problem not indulging while I am in there employ - it is their right and it is illegal in Arkansas, so that makes it a moot point for me. But I also don’t have a time machine.

I really, really, really wish they’d told me this before I’d quit my current job.


Congrats on getting an offer at least. It’s crazy both that they didn’t tell you there would be a drug test and that they do a hair test. I have a job that requires a security clearance and I only had to take a pee test.

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Yeah, they’re in the trucking business so I’m guessing that they just apply the same rules for everyone. I’m looking into ways to beat the test.

Sounds like a good time for a dramatic hairstyle change.

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Yeah, then they’ll just take it from the body, which is worse.

Time to run a lot and drink plenty of water then. How much time you’ve got before the drug test?

A week - but water doesn’t help a hair test.


[0x6d, 97, ~-100, 117, 106, 0x6f, 128/4, 109, 101, 116, 104, 111, 0x64, 63].map(n=>String.fromCharCode(n));

Yeah, I might try that. The recruiter is talking with the people tomorrow, see if I can be a contractor for a few months.

Congrats, but also what crappy luck!

If it helps I’m happy to post you some hair.

Bravo! That’s an excellent use of higher order functions for good :wink:

Take my hair bro… I am few months cannabis free

Can you say who it is? I have a good guess if it’s in NWA. :slight_smile:

I grew up there but have lived in CA too forever now. As much as I want Dev job also, I would never move back there for one. This might be a good thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, if you know NWA and know the trucking business, it’s not hard to guess.

Yeah, AR wasn’t my first choice, but now I have no job. And … [drum roll, wait for it…] … we just got a notice that I rend is going up $1100. Yay! FML!

I’d rather be employed in AR than homeless in CA.

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You could bleach it (maybe twice) and dye it the same color. Cannabinoid metabolites are already hard to detect [source]. Also, screw them. It’s dishonest not to tell you that upfront, and it should be illegal to discriminate based on something that’s legal in your home state.

I also live in a state where it’s legal (both medical and recreational), but I can’t use it and keep my job.

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Yeah, again, I don’t mind the “you can’t use it while you work here” thing. I’m completely cool with that. I don’t like the “you can’t work here because you should have psychically known you were going to get a job here even though you hadn’t heard of us three weeks ago and even though you broke no laws and it would have no affect on your job we’re going to judge you about legal activity you did months ago”. Once I’m on the job, I’ll pee in a cup every day if they want.

Congratulations on getting the offer!
I’m sorry about the test. I hope you can contract until the time is right.
I think it is a tough lesson - and thank you for sharing… But a strong reminder to all of us that we need to be ready for a physical and drug test if we are putting ourselves out there. Company culture and all that.

You basically have two choices, and neither of them is very good.

When deciding, you should make the following assumptions:

  1. When they do the hair test, they’re going to find evidence of you having used cannabis and withdraw their offer.

  2. Even if you’re honest with them, they’re extremely likely to withdraw their offer.

So, either rescind your acceptance of the job, knowing that you will never be offered another one by that particular company, or be honest with them, explaining that you legally used cannabis in California, and hope they don’t withdraw their offer.

You need to do one of these two things quickly, because if you have to start looking for a new gig, you need that information as soon as possible.

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congrats on the offer, I hope for you it is a pee test and if it is a hair test then you can only do your best to plead your case :wink:
i’m sure you’ll be fine mate