Got a new job... part 5

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It had already became tradition to come here every time I get a new job.
So yeah… as the title says, I got a new job!
It’s for a full remote job for a start-up. I’m going back to my main full-stack usual technologies( React + React Native with Node.JS ( No GraphQL this time) and AWS with a Postgres DB)
I feel like I’ve learnt a lot at my past job but it was time to part ways purely as a business decision, me and my last team are ending on really good terms, no hard feelings at all. Remember, never burn your bridges, especially in this industry where contacts are so important.
The interview was standard where they ask me some questions about myself and my technical experience also a technical test.
If I made it 5 times, you can do too. They won’t even ask you about your studies after you gain some experiences, so don’t stress about your educational background.

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