Got a Promotion to Mid-Level Software Engineer!

I had always wondered before I started the freeCodeCamp curriculum whether or not it could be helpful in getting a job promotion. And, I didn’t really find much on the topic. So, I had to ‘just do it’ without really reading any success stories. And, I’m happy to report that doing the curriculum definitely helped me to get a job.

Specifically, it helped me with interview questions and also it gave me additional modern content for my github page, which companies were very eager to view (I was asked once ‘what is a microservice?’ and, while I didn’t know what it was, I was able to say I did a bunch of projects on freeCodeCamp in the APIs and microservices section, so while I don’t know what the term means, I can make them). And, it even gave me a freebie on the ‘What have you been doing to stay current’ question, which I was super excited when I was asked.

I have 1 1/3 years of experience as a Junior Software Engineer. Yet, I found a new Job at mid-level (which as you may know, everybody wants 3-5 years of experience these days), and I even frequently get hit up for mid-level work via indeed/linkedin. My current job even counter-offered much better than this new job because my team lead is aware of my work and recommended me. And, while I can’t definately attribute all of my success to freeCodeCamp, I’m sure that it has been an integral part for every step of my career development (because I posted my completion everywhere).

My recommendation to everybody is to definitely make real-world applications, even if they aren’t massive. I made a personal portfolio as everybody should, but I also made a note keeping app and web game too. I also made a very simple python web parser for the hell of it and put it up there as a pinned project. Companies want you to be familiar with technical terms like “What is the box model? What is for in? What is a promise?”. But, they also want to see your github and see what you have made over time.

So, yeah. That’s all I’ve got to say. Thanks a ton for this amazing website! I hope this serves as a living testimony that freeCodeCamp can definitely help you a lot even for getting a promotion! :smiley:


Congratulations on your success story and thanks for the tips! :tada:


Congratulations, I am happy for you.

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Congratulations, @Destro168! Thanks for sharing your story and well done!

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Congratulations and thank you for sharing your story :slight_smile: Wish you more success in the future!

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Thank you all for your responses and well wishes! :smiley:

@ryanwhocodes I wish you luck too! You can do it!