Got a serious question

could i use chatgpt to help me with the cert projects if im stuck

I would not use ChatGPT to write any of the project code. You might be able to get some pointers on where to find references, but honestly I’d just ask questions here

ya thats what im thinking but for the cert ones they say you cant ask for help, and im curious if its considered academic dishonesty(cheating )

alos bc i got stuck n i didnt know if i should ask question, so i just asked gpt for help

You should ask us humans here on the forum for help. You shouldn’t ask GPT to write any code for you for certification projects.

As you’re in learning phase still, I don’t advice to use “ChatGPT” but I suggest you to use “Google” and find answers “yourself”.

Everyone across globe from 0 - 20+ exp developers use Google in and out each day.

sure you can ask for help, the forum is here to help you

I use w3schools. Ive never had a problem with that website. It has all the tools you need.

Yes use it as a learning aid to explain concepts to you and provide examples.

Don’t use it to write solutions for you as that’s pointless.

Honestly, you’re going to get much better answsers to your questions by asking here on the forum. The community members here have the necessary context information, we are motivated by the desire to help you learn and find answers yourself, and there are rules against just giving you code to copy.