Got done with my hour of code today

I have a very busy schedule and have been worried from the start of my journey. Ever since I found this community on FCC, I have continued to stay motivated. Thank you for keeping me prioritzed and focused. I’m excited to see how my journey unfolds as I keep pushing through the curriculum.

what I finished today for my 1 hour:

what did you guys finish today?


Well, I got a legacy project dumped in my lap a few months ago that is pretty much pure crap and I’ve had the joy of sifting through a JS file that is over 18,000 lines long (with almost no comments) trying to make sense of how it works so that I can make the necessary updates without breaking the whole damn thing. At this point I probably can’t make it any worse :slight_smile: Anyhoo, today I just got the QA results back for my most recent changes and they all passed, so I’ve got that going for me.

I’m also working on a game similar to the children’s game “memory” in which you turn over cards trying to match them in pairs. I’m working on it primarily to experiment will all the recent new JS features, and also to make my wife look foolish. If you want to give it a go you can find it at:

I haven’t ran it through a transpiler yet so you’ll need a very very recent version of either Chrome or Firefox to play it.


Cool game! I loved the name, too. It seems whenever there’s another memory match game to be made ,that’s the first thing to tackle: the name! I called mine Brain Fart. I like Dementia!

Thanks. I named it that because I’m officially old now and I feel like I’m starting to suffer from it just a little.

Pretty fun game! Here are some characters so i can post!

this game was fun! good job :slight_smile:

I cant wait until i start getting into js. Super intimidated but im stoked. Really good job on the game :metal:

Another hour in the books tonight. I was pretty tired after work but i’m glad I still try to stay consistent. Here is what I did tonight.

I was wondering if anyone thinks that its a good idea to apply most current html/css learnings into practice through notepad++. I have been working on a test website for my side hobby band. I use it as a practice space to apply my knowledge. At times I do find myself getting lost in experimenting and messing around in notepad++ instead of continuing on to the next lesson. I only got one hour so, maybe wait untill the end to experiment before I start school work? I dont know…

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Congrats on the progress!
These lessons are fun! I just got done with my first tribute page. Satisfied yet still kind of lost. I copied the template code camp used. That might be my problem. I just want to get through as much as I can! Maybe you can help me change the footer of my page to white…

If you look at the HTML you will see where I put a commit…

congrats on the progress!

That is a really fun game.
I especially liked the comments at the top when you get a wrong match :laughing:

My plan is to add several personalities to the game. The current one is Sassy. I’m going to add Nice and Rude.

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HI @gabora94!

You are making great progress. Keep it up.

You could do that for extra practice. But you are so close to the projects which is where you will learn the most.

That will be a culmination of what you have learned in the course.

I basically spent the day cleaning up my first solo website.
I mainly worked on cleaning some things up in the games section and cleaning up some things in the css.

Can’t wait to make it live and share it with everyone. :smiley:
Here is the github repo though.

You should definitely not be doing that. The projects are meant to be a cumulative review of your work, and the code should be your own.

You do not need to make your project look like the example, either - as long as you include the test suite and all tests are passing, we encourage you to make the project your own. :slightly_smiling_face:


@nhcarrigan and @tannerpace, the content is unique, but the CSS is very similar, almost verbatim, of the template code from FCC .

I recommend that no matter what, even if it means your page will look like trash it’s important to write your own CSS. Its better in the long run even though in the present you might a slight tinge of pain LOL.



Haha yeah.

First projects are never going to look that great but that’s ok.

It’s all about the learning :grinning:

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so the comment where it says:

<!--I want every thing below this line to be white-->

I believe I solved that issue.

so your first main tag all the way at the top that is nesting everything:

the one that says: <main id="main">

didnt seem to have a closing </main> tag after youve finished your unordered list.

when i applied the </main> after the </ul> from the last section of your unorderd list. everything after the last <li> you had could now be turned white.

example of what I did below:

        <strong>2016</strong> Passed away in Tucson, Arizona (aged 92)

everything after this was able to be turned white using your <main2 id="main2">

In other words you should be able to turn everything below that last list to white once you apply your #main2 from your CSS to your in HTML.

I don’t know if there could have been a easier way to do this but that is the best I could do at the moment from what i’ve learned. That seemed to actually make all that turn white below the “Passed away in Tucson, Arizona (aged 92)”

Hope that helps. Im stoked to start doing the tribute page lessons once I finish everything up in html/css learnings.


Thanks for checking in :slight_smile:

I’m excited to see when you finish everything and put it up on github.

I do have a question though!

How do I use github?

What can you do on github?

what should I be posting on github when I am working on projects?

I made a github but feel lost haha.

I would follow along with a tutorial and practice making your first repository.
This looks like a good guide for beginners.

Short answer: You can do a few things.

One of the things you can do is contribute to open source projects.

But right now, I would focus on building your first few projects before checking out open source.

Most people use github as a way to show off their projects.
It is great for employers because they can see your code as well as the live site.

Some people will house all of their fcc projects on there while others will do a select few.

Some might put up the algorithms challenges on there.

It is really up to you how you want to use it.

For me, I use it mainly for side projects. I also have a repo for my codewars solutions.

Once you get to the first project, you can decide if you want to leave it on codepen or build in locally on an editor and then create a page through github pages.

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so I checked out the game. and it was really fun even my two kids 5 and 13 tried it and loved it. They actually stole it when I got up to go to restroom so yeah that is a winner here.

to answer the op I just started so I finished the first 8 nodes of basic html and html 5. Have said I wish I was good at math and wish I could make a app. I started this at 1am this morning. I have trouble sleeping at times so I am using this to keep busy while the kids sleep. This is my doing the impossible moment and the fact that this post and others are so inspiring and motivating good luck!

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@danielerobbers keep pushing. You are going to do great. I totally understand the lack of sleep feeling you are getting. I do not have children and I can imagine it is probably a challenge planning around them with life. I code at least one hour every day and work 5 days a week 9 hours a day with college classes. It feels like I am so busy my head is going to explode. I just make sure I prioritize my coding. Make a schedule and invest in an agenda. That works for me right now. I am still trying to find the most efficient time to code. It is just hard to wake up at 5am already. I am usually coding before or after college work around 6pm or 7pm.

Regardless, keep doing what you are doing. Do not stop. You got this. Keep up that motivation and good work!

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Thank you so much! I am still in a state of shock that I made this decision and I am thrilled by it all at the same time. I am happy to work through the night when I can. I currently only have a plan to do as much as I can every day and to do at least one challenge a day. one I finish the first certificated I want to make a solid schedule or but I am taking it slow right now. We got this for sure