Got my first dev job in less than a year

Unbelievable. Congrats :slight_smile: And thanks for sharing.


Congratulations on the job!! You’ve definitely earned it.
This is so encouraging to hear, not just for me but I’m sure for everyone else here at FCC as well. Especially as a newbie here, I am super excited in reading your success story. Thank you for sharing and best of luck in your growing success!

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Thank you again, everyone. I hope this helps in any way along your coding journey!

@fenyam My portfolio is available here
It hasn’t been updated but that’s how it looked when I got the job. The projects were all the intermediate/beginning javascript projects and one was from a course from Udemy.

I remember my now co-worker, during my interview, said he checked out the ‘widgets’ I had on my portfolio. I’m sure it would have helped to make more advanced projects, but they saw that I was passionate about development and more than willing to learn more.

@MrJoe Thank you for the kind words. You’re right, there were times when I didn’t really believe that getting a dev job was even a real possibility or something that could ever happen. There were a lot of times that I got frustrated or confused about concepts. It still happens, but I know that with enough time and effort, we can all come to understand what we’re trying to learn.

@Ntn17 @ManuAlvarado22 @crouchingfeather Thank you for reading! Don’t worry about the timeline, everyone’s journey is different :slight_smile: as long as you keep going, that’s what matters. There were definitely times when I took a break or tried switching things up by learning in different formats (videos, computer science, internet, etc).

@krisigee91 Thank you! I hope you are doing okay in Houston since the hurricane! Stay safe!

@123xylem Thank you! In response to feeling ‘in over my head’, I do sometimes feel that way. It goes back to imposter syndrome and feeling like you’ll get found out or something similar. There are times when I feel overwhelmed by the tasks I have to do or projects that are in the future. But, I know that I’ll be able to figure it out or ask for help if I need to. Less than 1 year of FCC definitely did not teach me everything I need to know. If anything, it’s just the start. A lot of it is learning as I go or continuing to do research on things I want to understand better.

My boss understands that I’m a beginner, but he also sees that I’m capable. He sees that I’m trying and he understands that things may take a little longer than expected. I thought I would have more of a team to work with, but a lot of the time it’s just solo with some occasional teamwork with sales/marketing and the previous webmaster/IT guy. He is working remotely now. So, that makes thinsg a little harder, but really I’m just thankful for the opportunity to learn!

If anyone else has more questions or needs advice, feel free to ask :smiley:


Congrats on your success!

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Thank you so much for posting this! I am really enjoying FCC and this gave me encouragement to keep powering through.

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Congratulations to your job! May I ask what other online resources you used (you mentioned courses at Treehouse and Udemy)?

This is really inspiring! I’m going to send your post to a friend of mine that is just getting started on their journey

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