Got my first developer job


Congratulations !!! :clap::clap::clap: Good luck at the job!!


If you were a boy\man you wouldn’t have got this job. :wink:


Speaking based on your experience of not getting a job? Well maybe the fact you haven’t got a job is somehow caused by your poor skills and overall level of intelligence and not your gender.


I’m just jealous :upside_down_face:


Hey, can you tell me where I can download your website’s source code from? I’m a bit curious about how you made it!

Edit: Nevermind, I used the Firefox dev tools.

Edit 2: I can’t seem to find the actual html file, with things like the text and images and whatnot.


Many congratulations to you. I wish you all the luck in the world.


What a lovely thing to say😂 Care to elaborate?


already did this above.And I’m grumpy in the mornings,but after a cup of coffee I’m as nice as a panda.
Well done and good luck with your job!


Hi! That’s probably because it’s built with React, which renders everything on demand. I’ve uploaded my source code to github jsut now, so you’re welcome to take a look:


congratulation broh !!!


That’s strange, because it should output number 5 for 5 times, like here:,js,console
Where do you run it?
(Anf thank you!)


@rugano @Danno89 @olddognewtrix123 @vassblanc @rossijonas @arhillis @M-Saguirou oh my god, thank you all so much, guys <3


Congratulations! Can you pls tell us - it´s outsorce job, part-time or full-time?
И еще раз - мои поздравления)


Hello @Enikol,what is your favourite code editor?


Sure! It’s full-time :slight_smile:
И спасибо!))


Hi! I use Atom at home, it’s free and highly customizable, so it’s worth checking out, and at work my colleagues introduces me to WebStorm, which is awesome, integrated with Git and can do a lot of useful things, but you have to buy it after 30-days trial.


Thanks,I will check them.


Congratulations! Brag away, your story is an inspiration to a lot of people I’m sure.


Yep sorry, I missed something.

I was looking at the timing not the number output lol.


Your portfolio looks great. It shows you put in the time and effort to deserve a dev job. Congrats! How is the job going?