Got my first job

Thanks so much FCC, i finally got my first dev job.

The job is with a startup and they were looking for devs with AngularJS experience. They found me on LinkedIn via a recruiter. I have been playing around with the Ionic Framework since i started learning on FCC 2 years ago and i have thus picked up lots of experience working with Angular. My recruitment process included a Skype interview with the recruiter, a technical online test and a interview with the company. The interview consisted of me doing a presentation of walking them through a project i build and then answering technical questions. I am starting tomorrow and super nervous :slight_smile:.

i am 34 years old, with a background in Education. My portfolio is at


congratulations to you! may you achieve much more. All the best :+1:

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Congratulations Abdullah, I like your portfolio site. Iā€™m glad your work paid off.

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