GOT Survey Form Feedback

  1. My background is silverish and I want the sections of the survey form to only be white but the width stretches all the way out instead of the center.
  2. How do I make it in a way so that I have three columns? I used float left and float right for the images and text align center for the text, which did not really work. My text area is not in the center.
  3. How do I make my check boxes side by side?
  4. Overall how could I improve it?

Any feedback would be appreciated thank you!

The amount of GoT memes are endless, the site it’s pretty funny, now let’s see:

  • Remember all images(all content that’s displayed in general) go inside the body tag, I suppose you separated them because the images didn’t aligned with the 3 column layout you need inside the body, you could use a CSS grid alongside section tags to create this layout, I suggest doing this practice

  • If I understand correctly you mean you need your survey form to be white and your background to be silverish? In that case you could put your form inside a div tag with an id like #content(or anything really just be descriptive) and in CSS make a rule for that div with background-color: white; and define the width from that div with another css rules like width: 800px (or what you need)

  • You can make your check boxes side by side with a display: flex or display: grid

  • I suggest you looking in codepen.op or in sites in general that look like your ideal site and analyze how they did their CSS

Keep going, good luck!