Got the job. Advice for surviving it: Another Case

Hello, everyone! let me be direct here,

Summary of current situation - details to follow - :

  • Only developer for an post seed round ed-tech startup. There are part-time engineering managers and PM but not directly involved in development. The previous devs are lied off because of the ‘covid economy’
  • Main duty - at the moment : Revamping website front end using Nuxt.js - the web app is already responsive but still need product regrouping, restyling, fixing dysfunctional links, etc
  • Obstacle: I just finished several freecodecamp certifications, and by luck+networking got this job as junior dev => Very basic knowledge on front end frameworks + some other stack that is taught in freecodecamp


  • Needed to dive head first to the front end repository and figuring out the architecture
  • Solely responsible for new product page as per Nuxt.js structuring => Learned Nuxt, but apparently the problem is not in learning new framework, but in setting up environment
  • No one to perform code-reviews/testing/etc., other than myself => Gotta learn about testing
  • Not knowing about how to start developing, as in the step by step like: download repo ->
  • Getting/staying organized - files, notes, and website links, mostly – The mess getting bigger every day
  • Keeping tools/settings synched across Desktop, Laptop, Dev Server, and Prod Server (don’t know what these actually look like) => Still struggling on how the code I wrote/edit in local could fetch data from the backend


  • #1 concern at the moment : In general how does a development (esp. front end) is ‘executed’? and how does a new junior developers should start setting up their environment?

  • Concrete example, how do we fetch data to our localhost:3000 for editing a user profile page layout, or do we just create dummy data? for my company size, I thought that setting up the entire database is still feasible, is this the best practice?

  • The components are complicated so I think the solution must be in calling some API or creating local backend. There is axios, but then anything about the backend repo is not given to me. So I asked the manager to give me the backend and he gave me but that’s it, I don’t know where to start since the docs are pretty minimalist.

  • Again, maybe setting up a server (?) locally and making axios fetch from there (but then I need to figure out about the authentication layers, finding editing the endpoints, etc) . Is it really the way? I wonder how a front-end developer starts out at other companies.

Any advice on how to rock this job without going crazy would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!!!

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ayayay, dude, that is a…challenging situation! Personally, I would need some help. It kind of sounds like you need to learn how to be a full stack developer in a week.

Do you have a mentor who you can Zoom with to help you solve these problems?

LoL to the italic word. Yeah I agree I need some help. The job offer is kind of lucky strike for me so I took it. Based on reading this and other forums, lots of people got the job after going through bloodbath kind of stuff, but not me. I am currently asking some friends on the mentoring part.

Mate…i would go full honest here. Talk to your manager and seek for help, otherwise it could be bad…very bad. Worst part would not be you fired, but bad rep points and bad exp in general. You should first get some exp on some form of internship so you can get the idea behind full stack and then seek junior roles.
I hope you will survive. Hang on!